The winter months can be harsh in more ways than one. Cold, adverse weather conditions can wreak havoc on your irrigation system if you're caught unprepared. That's where Sprinkler Master Repair (Carson City, NV) steps into the picture. Where applicable around Carson City, our winterization process is simple yet thorough. At the first sign of frost, call Sprinkler Master Repair (Carson City, NV) at (775) 434-8817! Quality winterizations and blowouts are just a call away.

Rest easy knowing that your irrigation system is protected over the cold months with Sprinkler Master Repair (Carson City, NV). Our trained sprinkler technicians know where and how to help you with your toughest irrigation problems. If it’s winterization or blowouts you need around Carson City, call the Sprinkler Masters at (775) 434-8817!

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