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Dealing with a lawn in a desert climate and landscape around Carson City wouldn’t be fun to do on your own. We’re dedicated to helping you not only work on your lawn but to come to love it at Sprinkler Master Repair (Carson City, NV). It takes hard work and meticulous care, but we’re here to help you, as we’ve helped so many others around the area come to see the full potential of their lawns and gardens.

Call Sprinkler Master Repair (Carson City, NV) for all your sprinkler needs, including sprinkler installation, sprinkler repair, drip irrigation, sprinkler winterizing, fixing broken sprinkler heads, moving sprinkler lines, adjusting or fixing sprinkler timers, and so much more. One call is all it’ll take for you to know that we mean business — and that our business is helping you love your lawn. Call today at (775) 434-8837 to see the difference that Sprinkler Master Repair (Carson City, NV) can make!

Sprinkler Master Repair (Carson City, NV) Premier Services

Sprinkler Services Carson City
Sprinkler Services Carson City, NV
Sprinkler Master Services

Locations that We Cover

  • Genoa, NV
  • New Washoe City, NV
  • Virginia City, NV
  • Minden, NV
  • Incline Village, NV
  • Dayton, NV
  • Zephyr Cove, NV
  • Carson City, NV

Why Choose Sprinkler Master Repair (Carson City, NV)

Specialized Services

Whether it's installation, repairs, or winterizations, we provide quality service when it matters most.

Reliable Service

We take pride in the work we do for you. We aren't satisfied until you're satisfied. Call (775) 434-8837 to schedule today!

Qualified Technicians

A business is only as good as its' employees. We ensure quality individuals work for your quality sprinkler system.

Free Consultations

Don't play the guessing game with your lawn. Call us today at (775) 434-8837 to get a free consultation today.

Customer Satisfaction

Our main priority is you — the customer. Satisfaction only stems so far in us loving what we do, and you loving how it looks and feels.

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